What is Cinderella?

Cinderella is a Youth Development Program. We run it in a pageant format - but place no emphasis on physical beauty (or the cost of the clothes) - instead we concentrate on the development of poise and inner beauty. We run 22 preliminaries throughout Nevada and a minimum of two "modeling & interview" workshops/seminars prior to each program. The workshops are free and we teach modeling, grooming, communication skills and discuss wardrobe, make-up, and hair.

How much does it cost?

The workshops are free and you are under no obligation to enter, however if you decide to enter, the cost is $88 for the preliminary which can be business sponsored (includes photogenic). The optionals are $5 each but they have no bearing on the overall title, just another opportunity for the child to be recognized. There are early bird incentives and family discounts available.

Are you an agency?

How can we get our child into commercials/magazines? We're not an agency and to be very honest - there is really no opportunity for children in the state of Nevada. The girls who have been in our program and have been successful were willing to move to LA or New York to find themselves an agent. We can, though, and do, offer the experience that is necessary if your daughter chooses to pursue that goal.

What do they win?

On the preliminary level we award 16 scholarships of entry fees to the State Finals - plus trophies, crowns, banners and special gifts. The state level awards over $20,000 in prizes and awards and the International Program awards over $80,000 - so you see it's quite a large program! The state winners have the opportunity to tour our state and learn first hand about Nevada's history.

What kinds of clothes do they need?

First of all our wardrobe is very different than any other pageant system. Our partydress is not a "pageant" dress - it's more like you would really wear to church or a wedding and casualwear is just a nice little pants, skirt outfit, or sundress. We want to showcase your daughter, not the clothes. In the younger divisions (tot, minimiss, & miss) the girls wear a short dress but in the Teen division they wear a floor length formal. The International Woman wears a dress like a Miss America dress. Please note, that in the Local Preliminary we encourage girls to wear what they have in their closets, or what they can borrow, as they are not judged on their clothes. Casualwear is something the girls can really wear everyday, pants, sundress, skirt, etc.

What are the age divisions?

0-35 mo. Girls
0-6 yr. boys

Tiny Tot(24-35m)
Prince Charming
((0-6yr))(*note add'tl category if enough boys)

Boys & Girls can participate in our Baby Pageant which is just for fun and on the local level they just model one cute Sunday outfit and are escorted onstage by their chaperone. The Baby Pageant has a separate entry. On the State Level they have a close up appraisal, model casualwear, and model partywear. $100's of dollars to be won here.
3-6 years girls Tots They have an interview, model casualwear and partywear and have an onstage interview (tot personality) with the emcee.
7-9 years girls Mini-Misses They have an interview, model casualwear and partywear, and perform a talent.
10-12 yr. girls Misses They have an interview, model casualwear and partywear, and perform a talent.
13-17 yr. girls Teens They have an interview, model casualwear and partywear, and perform a talent.
18-29 yr. ladies (married
or single ladies)
Woman They have an interview, model casualwear and partywear, perform a talent

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