Nevada State Cinderella Girl Scholarship Program & Pageant

Gwendolyn Hansen - Director
June 10-15, 2012

Memories From The Entire Week

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The Arrival of the Cinderella Carriage brings Our 2011-2012 Cinderella State Royalty

Tot: Sarah Wertz-Ramos, MiniMiss: Karlee Sparling Miss: Kennedy Sparling

Teen: Sabrina Nelson & Woman: Katlyn Butkovich

Welcome to the Nevada State Cinderella Girl Scholarship Finals !

And Our Own International Cinderella Woman - Tehani Keeno Douglas

Age Group Get Acquainted Partys and Presentations






Some Casualwear Presentations

Partywear Group Pictures

Tots Ages 3-6 years

Overall Tot Winner: Aalliyah Gomez

1 st Alt.: Dariell Dobbs 2 nd Alt.: Alexa Gould

3 rd Alt.: Leyah Carvajal 4 th Alt.: Etta Winterbottom

Top 10 Semi Finalists: Madison Shema, Megan Shaver, Tayela Brown

Zoe Moore, Riley Reynoso

Beauty Winner: Alexa Gould - Alt..Leyah Carvajal, Madison Shema, Regan Pearson, Sienna Brown

Tot Personality Winner: Darielle Dobbs - Alt…Etta Winterbottom, Megan Shaver, Riley Reynoso, Kyandra Perez

Photogenic Winner: Tayela Brown - Alt…Ashlyn Collins, Autumn Hewes, Zoe Moore, Lea Panic

Cover Girl Winner: Sienna Brown – Alt…Ashlyn Collins, Alexa Gould

Congeniality Winner: Leyah Carvajal Best Souvenir Winner: Dariell Dobbs


iniature Misses Ages 7-9 years

Overall Miniature Miss Winner: Gracie Wong

1 st Alt.: Willow Britt, 2 nd Alt.: Karrina Ferris, 3 rd Alt.: Alyssa Delzer, 4 th Alt.: Kayleen Creamer

Top 10 Semi Finalists: Makaylah Simeus, Kaytlin Hawkins, Scierra Ganter, Hayley Stein, Celina Cooke

Beauty Winner: Karrina Ferris - Alt…Kayleen Creamer, Hayley Stein

Talent Winner: Alyssa Delzer - Alt…Willow Britt, Kaytlin Hawkins, Celina Cooke

Photogenic Winner: Makayliah Simeus - Alt…Sierra Ganter

Cover Girl Winner: Gracie Wong - Alt…Willow Britt, Alyssa Delzer

Community Support Winner: Karrina Ferris Congeniality Winner: Alyssa Delzer

Best Souvenir Winner: Kayleen Creamer


Misses Ages 10-12 years

Overall Miss Winner: Gracie Clark

1 st Alt.: Mary Rose Stark, 2 nd Alt.: Kimberly Wiggins

Top Semi Finalists: Devin Jostmeyer, Jada Burdno, Daphne May

Beauty Winner: Mary Rose Stark - Alt. Daphne May

Talent Winner: Devin Jostmeyer - Alt. Jada Burdno

Photogenic Winner: Kimberly Wiggins - Alt. Shelby DiToto

Cover Girl Winner: Mary Rose Stark - Alt. Devin Jostmeyer

Congeniality Winner: Mary Rose Stark Best Souvenir Winner: Daphne May


Teens Ages 13-17 years

Overall Teen Winner: Angel-Cathleen Cruz Cabrera

1 st Alt. Allison Bustos, 2 nd Alt. Sierra Stein,

3 rd Alt. Zaza Maree, 4 th Alt. Jordan McCutcheon

Top 10 Semi Finalists: Desire’e Kong, Dakota Banegas, Shayla Myers, Ashleigh DeSteunder, Alexandra Kilgore

Beauty Winner: Allison Bustos - Alt…Desiree Kong, Alexandra Kilgore, Brenna Russell, Chloe Bradley

Talent Winner: ZaZa Maree - Sierra Stein, Dakota Banegas, Shayla Myers

Photogenic Winner: Ashley Godinez - Alt…Ashleigh DeSteunder, Kaitlin Homan

Cover Girl Winner: Alexandra Kilgore - Alt…Dakota Banegas, Desire’e Kong

Lorilee Roberts Scholarship Award: Shayla Myers

Spirit of Cinderella: Chloe Bradley Congeniality Winner: Brenna Russell

Best Souvenir Winner: Zaza Maree

Woman Ages 18-26 years

Overall Woman Winner: Kelsea Beig

1 st Alt.: Angela Foremaster, 2 nd Alt: Shawna Moody

Semi Finalists: Amber DeSteunder, Rian Hoesch, Jaqueline Riley

Cinderella Beauty Winner: Amber DeSteunder - Alt…Jaqueline Riley

Talent Winner: Angela Foremaster - Alt…Rian Hoesch

Photogenic Winner: Shawna Moody Cover Girl Winner: Rian Hoesch

Miss Congeniality: Jaqueline Riley Best Souvenir Winner: Kelsea Beig


Amazing Tot Personalitys & Talents







Reigning Royalty Talents





A Special Song for those in Top Ten and Top Five


Top Five Recompete in Casualwear

Our Reigning Royalty Talents

Special Guest Talents

The Top Five Recompete in Tot Personality & Talent



Final Walks For Reigning Royalty

Thanks for a Wonderful Year of Great Memories Ladies

And the Winner is...........


Outstanding Winners