Nevada State Cinderella Baby/Prince Charming Outstanding Winners

Gwendolyn Hansen - Director
June 9, 2012



2014 Nevada State Baby Results

State Cinderella Infant:
Overall Winner: Mylee Quilic
Most Beautiful Winner: Lily Grant
1st Alternate: Haile Lynne Morgan
Best Personality: Olivia Whitson
1st Alternate: Krystal Cardosa
Photogenic Winner: Annabelle Vial
1st Alternate: Tammaya Willette
2nd Alternate: victoria Quintana

State Cinderella Baby
Overall Winner: Zoey Cross
Most Beautiful Winner: Malina Sanchez
1st Alternate: Payton Booth
Best Personality Winner: Laila Fitzpatrick
1st Alternate: Eclipse Tossava
Photogenic Winner: Maya Rodriquez

State Cinderella Tiny Tot:
Overall Winner: Ashlyn Uri
Most Beautiful Winner: McKenna Booth
Best Personality Winner: Charity Booth

State Prince Charming
Overall Winner: Hayden Steffee
State Cover Baby: Ashlyn Uri
1st Alternate to Cover Baby: Lily Grant
2nd Alternate to Cover Baby: Laila Fitzpatrick

State Baby Community Support Winner: Laila Fitzpatrick



Hello and Welcome to Baby State from Sarah, Karlee, Kennedy, Sabrina & Katlyn

The Carriage arrives with our Reigning Baby State Royalty



Cinderella Infants, Babys, Tiny Tots, And Prince Charmings

Playtime and Fun Party Luncheon with Prince Gilbert


A Fun Parade of all Cinderella Infant, Cinderella Baby, Cinderella Tiny Tot & Prince Charmings

Lead by our Very own Prince Gilbert

Casualwear Presentations



Partywear Presentations



ur Reigning State Royalty Talents - Thank you Sarah, Karlie, Kennedy, Sabrina, Katlyn & Tehani

Congratulations to Our Baby State Winners

Caeli-Junae, Meadow, Alexis, Cam'Ron, and Austin


Cameo Girl (a seperate state competition at Cinderella State - Ages 2 -26+)


Congratulations Ladies.


Overall State Cameo Winners

Alexis Delzer, Jayliana Glophlan, Etta Winterbottom, Alyssa Delzer, Karrina Ferris, Gabriella Prier, Ashley Godinez, Dakota Banegas, & Amber DeSteunder