Reno/Sparks Preliminary Outstanding Winners

Scott Benton- Director
September 15th,

Cinderella Overall Winners Tot- Sara Rodriguez Miss-Brooklynn Grundy Teen- Haylee Davis Woman- MaKenzie St. Cyr

Cinderella Beauty Winners Tot- Bethany Putt & Olivia Russell Miss- Eleanor Davis

Cinderella Tot Personality/Talent Winners- Tot- Lena Meacham Miss- Grace Huhta

Cinderella Photogenic- Tot- Adalynn Putt Miss- Tahmea Dowdell

Baby Overall Winners Infant- Hyleigh Cook Baby- Tiny Tot- Milena Mahoney Prince Charming- Bryson Putt

Most Beautiful/Handsome- Tiny Tot- Audrey Andrade

Best Personality- Tiny Tot- London Rady



Cinderella Baby Pageant

"A Very Important Part of Our Program "

The Pledge of Allegiance

and the Cinderella Pledge

Baby~Infant~Tiny Tot~Prince Charming

Play Time

Party Wear

Baby~Tiny Tot~Prince Charming



Cinderella Pageant


Tots 3-6 years

Miss 10-12 years

Teens 13-17 years

Woman 18-29 years

Royalty Talents





Party Wear



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No Group Photo


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Final Walks


A Very Happy Reno/Sparks Royalty Group


Cinderella Magic