Moapa Valley Preliminary Outstanding Winners

Jacqueline Pray & Vanessa Soliz- Directors

Virgin Valley Preliminary Outstanding Winners

Kim Beig & Kallie Beig- Directors

April 6th, 2018

Moapa Cinderella Overall Winners Tot-Alerica Garcia Mini Miss-Alexis MacFarlane Miss-Alika Castillo Teen-Allie Bledsoe Woman-

Cinderella Beauty Winners Tot- Mini Miss-Ariana Rubio

Cinderella Personality/Talent Winners= Miss-Tessa Totten

Cinderella Photogenic Winners Teen-Madison Nevarez

Baby Overall Winners INFANT-Bethany Hastings BABY- Saige Corry PRINCE CHARMING- Kingston Totten


Virgin Valley Cinderella Overall Winners Mini Miss-Lindsey Nevarez Miss-Amarissa Solis

Cinderella Beauty Winners Mini Miss-Brielle Williams

Baby Overall Winners PRINCE CHARMING- Kruz Totten

Scoresheet Participants-Brook Brennan, Charlize Kruczynski, Aly Nevarez, Ashlyn Collins


Moapa Valley & Virgin Valley

Cinderella Baby Pageant


"A Very Important Part of Our Program "

The Pledge of Allegience of America

and the Cinderella Pledge

Infant & Tiny Tots


Infant, Baby & Prince Charming

Party Wear



Cinderella Pageant



Tots 3-6 years

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Mini Miss 7-9 years

Miss 10-12 years

Teen 13-17 years



~MISS~ ~Teen~

Party Wear





Royalty Talents




~Mini Miss~

~Miss~ Teen~

~Final Walks~


A Very Happy Moapa Valley & Virgin Valley Royalty Group

Cinderella Magic