Christmas Cameo Preliminary Outstanding Winners

Gwendolyn Hansen- Director
December 5th, 2015


Cameo Winners

Elias Elkhind, Faithlynn Schraeder, Venna Blasco, Shaylie O'Flaherty, Alexis Delzer, Tayela Brown, Sarah Wertz-Ramos, McKinley Bledsoe


Millie Fitzpatrick, Leila Patterson, Chloe Winterbottom, Sienna Brown, Ryleigh O'Flaherty, Alyssa Delzer, Isabella LeClair, Ellie Hendrich, Kaitlyn Patterson


Christmas Cameo Pageant


Cinderella Christmas Cameo

"A Very Important Part of Our Program "

The Pledge of Allegience of America

and the Cinderella Pledge

Cameo Presentaions








Royalty Talents

A Very Happy Christmas Cameo Royalty


Cinderella Magic!!!!