Humboldt County Preliminary Outstanding Winners

Lisa Myers & Mindy Creamer- Director
March 19th, 2016

Cinderella Overall Winners Tot-Elizabeth Harmon Mini Miss-Grace Huhta Miss- Dariell Dobbs

Cinderella Beauty Winners Tot-Makenna Toland
Alternants- 2nd Hannah Fifield 3rd Samantha Smalley
Mini Miss- Daniela Luna

Cinderella Tot Personality/Talent- Tot- Anna Rudolf Alternant- Lillian Putt, Bethany Putt, & Hannah Haas
Mini Miss-Reata White

Cinderella Photogenic- Tot-Macy Marvel

Baby Overall Winners Infant-Saraina Nichols Baby-Jaelynn Winters Tiny Tot-Zoe Haas

Most Beautiful Infant- Tinsley Davis

Score Sheet Participants- Hayley Smalley

Humboldt County

Cinderella Baby Pageant


"A Very Important Part of Our Program "

The Pledge of Allegience of America

and the Cinderella Pledge

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Play Time


Party Wear

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Cinderella Pageant



Tots 3-6 years

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Farewell Walks


A Very Happy Humboldt County Royalty Group

Cinderella Magic