Message From The Director


The Nevada State Cinderella Program began in Nevada since 1977. I, Gwendolyn Hansen, have been involved in Cinderella for over 20 years as a Contestant's Mom, State Mom, Judge's Coordinator, Preliminary Director for Las Vegas and have judged numerous State Pageants. I have been to the International program for over 15 years and my children have been the recipient of many scholarships and honors as a result of Cinderella. I am honored to be the State Director at this time and look forward to getting to know every young lady in the State of Nevada who wants to believe in herself and improve for the better.

I love the Cinderella Program, I love what it can do to draw Mom's (Dad's too) and daughters together in working for a common goal. I love how it helps young ladies improve their self esteem and be ready to take on the world when they are old enough. I have seen young ladies overcome shyness and learn to walk and talk with confidence and be proud of who they are, not just outside, but inside!

I have a wonderful set of Preliminary (Local) Directors from all over the State, who are here to help you achieve your dreams, just click on Locals & Directors for more information in your area. They'll help with Free Modeling & Interview Workshops, critique talents, fundraising, and everything you'll need to get involved. They all love the program and give of their precious time to help develop the dreams of Cinderella Girls.

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)

Your State Director,

Gwendolyn Hansen



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